Passenger information signs and kiosks

Real-time information is a critical requirement for the traveller in the course of a trip, the waiting time at a stop, connection within a station or multi-modal interchange, information about service disruptions.
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SLE is able to offer a large range of passenger information signs which may be readily integrated into any urban environment, mounted in shelter or on pole, operating autonomously or connected to a data server or central system for the transmission of timetable and real-time information.
The quality and integration of supporting information, the ergonomy and sequencing of information displays, the interfacing with information and / or management systems of the transport network, the robustness of the equipment in varying climatic conditions and solar power capability are all critical aspects managed successfully by the Moviken-SLE team.
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References : 2 500 signs deployed in the Ile de France, across London, in Brussels, Marseille and across the counties of Hampshire and Suffolk.