Travel Information Centres and multi-modal information systems

To facilitate the choice of itinerary with an optimum combination of modes of transport, multimodal information systems are being deployed at the initiative of organising authorities or actors in the field of public transport. These systems allow the calculation of an itinerary from A to B within a given area, taking into account all different modes of transport ? Surface and underground rail, tram, bus and also cycling, walking or even, as a last resort, the private car.

The richness of the information content, the map-based navigation, the links to economic and civic activities, the management of service disruptions, the taking account of the interests of the users and the ergonomics of the user interface are all strengths of SLE products.

The iTransports application developed by SLE, implemented nationwide in France, is conspicuous in allowing a Regional or local Travel Information Centre to provide information on all modes of transport to or from anywhere in the region from or to anywhere in the country.

Across the country, iTransports covers all the principal networks, presenting the map at an appropriate scale and calculating the principal characteristics of any trip within the country.