The long experience of SLE in the field of Service Management and information Systems, allied to the know-how in the area of cartography, has enabled the development of an autonomous passenger information and navigation system: navibus
info voyageurs1

In addition to the information normally transmitted to the traveller (next stop, time of day, destination, …) the navibus screens present :
•    A line diagram which is inter-active and multi-scale, with a display sequencing which is related to the position of the vehicle,
•    A cartographic response to the principal queries of the passenger : representation of position on the line diagram, the next stops / stations, a map of the area and connections for the next stop / station, estimated time to arrive at the next stop, information about connecting services and points of interest (commercial, cultural or municipal establishments),
•    an information service available to the network operator : service disruptions, events, local information, advertising, …)



Distributed in locations best adapted to the needs of the operator, this navigation application represents a leap forward in modernity which makes public transport the equal of the private car in the use of navigation technologies and answers a pressing need for the traveller.

img navibus